A poem for the fish- a celebration of difference.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Did you know
your path is your history
and it takes more than one pair of bare feet
to follow it's tracks back to your birth
and find how you stumbled and tumbled from the stomach of this earth
half formed

You had gills back then. Didn't you?
The others sometimes laughed at you.
But you could swim better than them-
and they watched you with shock in their eyes as you glided
special specimen
they said you were primitive
not sophisticated
but when they were laughing tears down their faces
I looked and saw beginning
you could breathe in water when it choked them

And it takes more than one pair of bare feet
to follow your tracks back to your birth
so we walked back to the start
till light years ago
with your fin in my hand and mud on my toes
and you swam in the air and I danced in your glow
-the beauty of origins a feat they'll never quite know-

They say freak
I say nature
they say underdeveloped
I say  the start
an evolvement
- much more than a component
but the total sum of it's parts

And your fish eyes always looked at mine in a way theirs never did
with a depth and understanding that grew older than we did
a fish, a human, an amphibian
-you never quite knew what words to say
so instead softly used your name-
whatever you were, just know
some place, some time, some galaxy,
your oddity your ambiguity 
you were always one and whole
you were always home.

Happy Reading xxx

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